Tuesday, 17 February 2015


bc that's what the tshirt says.

sunglasses - thrifted
earrings - thrifted
top - urban outfitters
jeans - bs8

basically at the charity shop I help out they told me to throw away the earrings bc the backs are missing. obvs on my ears they go. they happen to match what I'm wearing and also nail color. which is a mermaidy teal color Arabian by Barry M. 

rachel xx

Saturday, 7 February 2015

getting 874376789 things done at the moment

basically I have to sort my shit out 100% before I can update this blog and keep it running smoothly. here are the major things:

-sort out illustration tumblr
-make a cargocollective

but right now there's finishing design stuff/illustration submissions/drawings for Instagram/life stuff/cleaning my room/vintage shopping/recovering from sleep deprivation among other things

so hopefully the dust will settle in a week and I can resume my blog before March.

rachel xx

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