Tuesday, 23 December 2014

early sunsets

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Winter and daylight saving time means struggling to take pictures of things before 2pm and 4pm feeling like 9am. But it also means pretty colours in the sky as sun sets early. 

Photographed around Clifton and Park Street, Bristol.

Rachel xx

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Park Street and Pretty Stores

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How my favorite photos I've taken around Bristol are of Park Street. It's where I walk back from uni every day. The Christmas lights in winter are a+++ simple and pretty and complement the street so wellAnd the SHOPS. Here are my favorites where I've got clothes, cutlery and random stuff as room decor:

BS8 (clothing etc)
Federation Store (cool vintagey things, metal signs!!!)
Love from Random (retro-y things)
The Boot Room (home decor, accessories etc)
The Guild (gifts, home decor etc)

Also worth mentioning are many charity shops and newly opened Cass Art. If you walk up to Queen's Road, there are Paperchase, Vinegar Hill, and Butler's - all with pretty pretty home decor, stationary etc.

Just a PLETHORA of pretty things.

Rachel xx

Friday, 19 December 2014

spring in my room

earrings - christmas market 2013
dress - bershka, thifted
fragrance - dkny be delicious fresh blossom (x)
book - daughter by jane shemilt (x)

rachel xx

Thursday, 18 December 2014

winter rabbits

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The original drawing is a christmas present for my mom for her office. Prints and things are available on society6. I like the mug version in particular:)

A photo posted by rachel (@illustrationsbyrachel) on
Rabbits are my mom's thing so I made this. But she thought it's a squirrel.

Rachel xx

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

beige and black

hat - urban outfitters
handchain - thechocoberryshop (x)
sweater - bershka
leggings - boohoo (x)
shoes - asos (x)

rachel xx

Sunday, 14 December 2014

illustration: december12

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1. illustration in progress of Elle May, one of my favorite lookbooker, LOVE the tone and colors in her photography. pencil on sketch paper.

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2. notebook cover illustration for art and ideas for a friend:) white gel pen on notebook from Cass Art. (they opened a store across from where I live - SO thankful)

rachel xx

Saturday, 13 December 2014

all vintagey

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From festive flea market at Bristol Folk House, except the last one from a vintage store nearby. Both on Park Street so very close to where I live. Bought a top and bunch of majiggies I'm going to photograph tomorrow. ~magpie vibes~ Overall many pretty patterns and vintagey things.

Just things that make me not regret coming to this city.

Rachel xx

I ♡ patterned shorts




earrings - accessorize
hand chain - thechocoberryshop (x)
top - forever21
shorts - ark (x

OBSESSED with patterned shorts. Bought a few pairs from ARK on sale:):) each less than £10 - AMAZING. Plus hand chain that I made. Never thought I'd lookbook but here we are. Clearly I need to get a tripod. And a good empty location.

Rachel xx

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