Saturday, 20 December 2014

Park Street and Pretty Stores

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How my favorite photos I've taken around Bristol are of Park Street. It's where I walk back from uni every day. The Christmas lights in winter are a+++ simple and pretty and complement the street so wellAnd the SHOPS. Here are my favorites where I've got clothes, cutlery and random stuff as room decor:

BS8 (clothing etc)
Federation Store (cool vintagey things, metal signs!!!)
Love from Random (retro-y things)
The Boot Room (home decor, accessories etc)
The Guild (gifts, home decor etc)

Also worth mentioning are many charity shops and newly opened Cass Art. If you walk up to Queen's Road, there are Paperchase, Vinegar Hill, and Butler's - all with pretty pretty home decor, stationary etc.

Just a PLETHORA of pretty things.

Rachel xx

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